How to track order

the-rose-toy-official supports two way to track your order:
1.Track it in our website; 2. track it in 17track logistics website. The detail processes are as follows:
How to track your order in our website
It is more easy to track order status in our website, all you need is email address and order number, please find order from order confirmation.

*After you place the order, you will receive order confirmation within 24 hours. If you are not receive it, please check your spam mailbox first. If the spam mailbox has not received the order confirmation, please contact our customer service, we will send you the order confirmation in 12 hours for you. Please don't worry, we won't cause you any loss.
1) Log in to our website:, scroll down web page, find 'ORDER TRACK' and click it, as shown the picture.

*In general, you could be able to track your order using the Order Track. However, please note that due to a recent update in our logistics system, there might be instances where you are unable to find your order using the new version of the order tracking feature. In such cases, we kindly request you to click on the "Order Track (old version)" link to check the status of your order. Please rest assured that there is no need to worry. If you are still unable to locate your order, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.


2)  Find the order number from order confirmation, enter your order number and email address information to tracking web page. Then click “Submit”;


3) Your order details will be shown immediately. 

NOTE: If the parcel still under preparation, then the tracking number won’t show, please wait 1-5 days.
4) Click the “TRACK”bottom, the page will go to the logistics information page.

How to track order status in 17track
You have 2 ways to get tracking number, log in our website to check the tracking number, or consult our customer service ( to have this information. After got the tracking number, you can track the order status.
1) Log in our website, find the tracking part, Click the “TRACK”, the The page will goto the logistics information page.

2) Log in 17track web:,enter your tracking number, then click the “TRACK” bottom, the tracking information will show.

3) We will send you shipment notice after the parcel shipped out, please check your email box. Find the tracking number from email content, click the tracking number then the link will go to logistic website, the tracking information will show.

NOTE: If the parcel still under preparation, then the tracking number won’t show, please wait 1-5 days.