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Welcome to The Rose Toy Official!

The Rose Toy Official is an online store of adult toys. We are committed to providing the best sex toys on our website. Our adult toys inspire people to feel more about themselves and explore self-pleasure. Our flagship product is the rose vibrator, which can be used as a personal nipple massager, clitoral stimulator for women, which is a great tool to flirt during foreplay. What’s more, we have over 700 products, including dildos, vibrators, anal sex toys, masturbators, sex lingerie, etc.

About Our Business

Our business covers the supply and manufacture of different adult toys, we set up our own factory and built private label The Rose Toy Official. We have gone through a rigorous testing process in the manufacturing process of our sex toys to ensure that they are free from any safety hazards and easy to try. Since the establishment of the company, we have sold for nearly 9 months and satisfied many customers.

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Professional customer service, via e-mail;
Free shipping over $59;
No minimum order quantity;
PayPal and credit card verified company;
Codes and discounts directly delivered to your E-mail.

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