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One night stand sex? 8x Tips for the best One Night Stand

One night stand sex? 8x Tips for the best One Night Stand

Tip #1: Be Prepared

You can arrange a one night stand with the help of a dating app, but a one night stand can also come out of the blue during a night out. The best tip we can give is that you should always go prepared. Make sure the intimate areas are properly updated. Wear nice underwear that is not worn out. And spray some nice air. Whether you have agreed a one night stand or whether it happens spontaneously. With these three action points, you can't go wrong anyway.


Tip #2: Take a Shower

There are two options for a one night stand; either you start the evening at your date's house or you pick him or her up while going out. In both cases it is recommended to take a shower. In the case of a date at home, make sure you are showered before going to or receiving the date. You meet your date while going out and you go to one of your houses. Then start there in the shower. This is the necessary combination with the pleasant. On the one hand, this shower session serves as a warm-up and foreplay, on the other, it makes sure you're both clean as you get into the real action.


Tip #3: Stick to one Night

It's already in the name, one night stand, so if you go purely for the one night stand. So stick to that one night. This is purely about sex, so don't have deep conversations either. In this case it is good to keep it superficial. Exchanging numbers (before or afterwards) is of course always possible, but keep it here as a thank you message. Were you impressed by the one night stand night? It is of course always possible to extend your adventures. Keep in mind that the other person may not be waiting for this. But not shooting is always wrong of course!


Tip #4: Leave the door without food

An important rule with a one night stand is that you leave the house without food. Both in the evening and in the morning you are not supposed to have dinner with your date. This ensures that you have to take into account that he or she may not be waiting for you at all. And as for the breakfast; it is a one “night” stand and therefore no morning is part of it. If you have done what you came for, it is therefore the intention that you leave quickly. Without disrespecting the other person.


Tip #5: Use a Rubber

You've probably been waiting for it, but we can't emphasize it enough; use a rubber. In other words, a condom . Especially when it comes to a date with a person you don't know very well, it is very important to use a condom. And as mentioned here before, it is possible that a one night stand arises spontaneously. Always make sure that you have a condom with you and that you are not dependent on the date you are going to have a one night stand with. Safe sex is better sex!


Tip #6: Don't Feel Guilty

This brings us straight to the next tip. If you've had a one night stand, you don't have to feel guilty. This applies to both your date and yourself. You should have clearly discussed with your date that you are going to stick to that one time. So you do not have to be held accountable for this. But you don't have to feel guilty about yourself that you might go to bed with everyone. Sex is good, sex is healthy, so why not take it while you still can.


Tip #7: Choose an Unknown

A one night stand with a friend can lead to uncomfortable situations in the future. So it is preferable to choose someone you do not know and with whom you do not yet have an emotional bond. A friendly relationship can come under pressure when you have had a one night stand. Perhaps one of the two wants more than the other and a problem arises that you can never solve. So pick up a date via a dating app or just while going out and go all out with a stranger. It is important that you use tip 5 (or a rubber). Would you rather have a one night stand (or more) with a friend? Then read how to approach a good friends with benefits relationship.


Tip #8: Respect Each Other

You both benefit from a one night stand by having an exciting and exciting evening. Where both of you are well catered for. So make sure you always have respect for each other. Therefore, do not secretly make videos that you want to show your friends or girlfriends, this can only get out of hand. If the one night stand hasn't been the experience you hoped for, don't gossip about it. Keep it to yourself and take any experiences with you to your next one night stand. Respect is simply a virtue.

Whatever tip you use, always make sure that you respect each other and do it safely with a one night stand. In any case, if you keep these two tips in mind, the one night stand will be just fine. Of course it's even better if you take all the tips to heart, but don't feel obliged. Have fun!


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