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Lesbian positions? 10x the best lesbian sex positions

Lesbian positions? 10x the best lesbian sex positions

Tip #1: Scissors

When you think of a lesbian sex position, the first thing that comes to mind is probably scissors. In this position you spread both your legs. Like you both opened the scissors. Then you position yourself so that both vaginas, especially the clitoris, touch. Then you can move up and down to stimulate each other at the same time. In fact, you rub against each other, as it were. We might therefore better call this position sanding instead of scissors. Whatever you call it, it will be a joy for both of you.


Tip #2: With your hands

In our opinion, a sex position does not always have to be in a certain position. It is mainly about how and with what you stimulate your partner. That's why we don't want to leave the "position" with the hands underexposed. Women can bring each other to great heights by stimulating each other with their hands. We're not just talking about fingering the vagina. Erogenous zones of the body can be optimally stimulated with the hands, for example by stroking them. You can literally sense what your partner likes. As far as we are concerned, an important lesbian sex position


Tip #3: Oral

It is a small step from hand gratification to mouth gratification. In other words, the position: Oral. Everything that applies to the previous position also applies to the oral position. There is no agreed-upon position, it is especially important that you use your lips and tongue. With your lips and tongue you can stimulate your partner wherever she likes it. You can, as it were, go on a journey of discovery about her body. You can of course guess the destination of this voyage of discovery; the vagina. Enjoy the ride!


Tip #4: Spoon spoon

In the spoon spoon position, you lie backwards next to each other. This offers new possibilities and insights to stimulate each other. You can rub against each other. You have your hands free to stimulate your partner wherever you want. You can also opt for stimulation with a strap-on or another sex toy. In short, the spoon spoon position gives you plenty of opportunities to stimulate each other. Biggest advantage of this position? You can kiss wonderfully with it.


Tip #5: Position 69

Position 69 is a position that can go together with lesbian sex position tip 3. With position 69 you lie in the exact opposite direction of your partner. This puts your partner's vagina close to your face and vice versa. This then gives you every opportunity to satisfy your partner orally. Of course, oral gratification is not mandatory. You can also choose to stimulate your partner with your fingers or with sex toys . Tip: Perform the 69 position in a side lie to give yourself and your partner more space. 


Tip #6: Strapon

Although you like women, you may still love to be deeply stimulated with a dildo. This dildo does not necessarily have to have the shape of a penis. The dildo should mainly do what it is intended for; deeply stimulate. With the help of a strapon, you can have this stimulation performed by your partner. There are even strapons where the "giving" partner is also stimulated. How delicious is that? The strap-on position is also not tied to a position. Position yourself the way you like it best and enjoy!


Tip #7: Double up

With the double up position you need a double dong  . The easiest way to start the Double Up is to both lie on the bed. You lie with your hips together and your legs wide. Then you both insert the double dong into the vagina and you can stimulate each other by moving the double dong back and forth. Variation on the position is by sitting on the knees with the buttocks together. You can also encourage each other in this way. But the Double Op is also a pleasure for both of you standing up.


Tip #8: The Unicorn

The woman who takes on the role of the Unicorn gets on her knees. Then her partner places himself on his hands and knees in front of her. It is important that the legs are slightly spread to allow optimal stimulation. The woman sitting behind her partner then ties the strap-on dildo around her head. With which she transforms into a real unicorn. Then both the vagina and the anus can be stimulated with the Unicorn!


Tip #9: Under control

Under control can be performed in multiple positions. This is because the basis of the position is a remote-controlled sex toy . These are available with a standard remote control or with a smartphone. The condition is that the partner who is being stimulated surrenders completely to the partner in control. Do you choose to do it lying on the bed, or do you both choose a different room. Whatever you choose, you can perform the position even if you're not even on the same continent. Ideal, right?


Tip #10: The Spin Massage

In this position, one woman lies on the bed with her legs spread. The other woman then positions herself between her partner with her legs spread as well. In this way all four legs are crossed in each other, as if two scissors. By moving against each other, you can both stimulate the clitoris. With the Spin Massage, however, another massager is required. You place these between the two clitoris, which stimulates you in the same way. Together you determine which vibration mode is best.


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